the worst thing ever is when you can feel someone getting bored with you

Reblog if your icon is a perfect person.

Fill so your followers can get to know you

State your name: Patrick
State the name that your parents almost named you: idek
Which of your relatives do you get along with the most? cousins
Did anything embarrassing happen this week? nah 
Do people praise you for your looks? don’t listen to ugly people anyways
What is your favorite color of clothing to wear? blue 
Do you work out every week? nah that’s a lot of work 
Do you like your smile? nice sometimes
Do you like your eyes? eh
Do you think you are attractive? when i look in the mirror sometimes
How much money is in your account? just enough to eat an orange and some pie
Are you single? YOUT ELL ME
Do you want kids? idk 
What does your backpack look like: it’s a forest 
What celebrity do you think is attractive? LESLIE HALL
Last movie you saw in theaters: LESLIE HALL


some people’s selfie game is so strong that makes me feel uncomfortable


"but officer they were fucking with my clique"


i automatically classify anything over $5 as expensive